Bio-therapeutics effects of probiotic strain on the gastrointestinal health of severely acute malnourished children

Habib-Ur- Rehman, Muhammad Nasir, Makhdoom Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Ayaz, Muhammad Asif Ali, Muhammad Imran, Tanweer Aslam Gondal, Tabussam Tufail, Farhan Aslam, Tahira Batool Qaisrani, Muhammad Umair Sattar, Bahare Salehi, Natália Martins, Javad Sharifi-Rad


The core objective was to evaluate the effect of probiotic fortification at three phases of formula milk administration in malnourished children. A dose related effect was determined in 30 severely acute malnourished children (6-59 months) in a double-blind, randomized design. According to the results, serum albumin levels, treatment T2 (6 billion cfu) has significantly increased albumin levels (3.7g/dL) and the effect of phase-III (Plumpy’nut) was found to be better. Results regarding sodium levels showing probiotic-dose have significant effect (P≤0.05) in phases as well. Moreover, the effect of T1 i.e. 3 billion cfu of probiotics has significantly reduced sodium levels (141.8mmol/L) vs. others and the effect of phase-II was better on reducing sodium levels. which is further confirmed in terms of reduced erythrocyte sedimentation rate levels at phase-III (29.566 vs. phase-II, 41.3 and phase-I, 46.533 mm/h). Conclusively, the effect of 6 billion cfu at phase-III was more effective on blood parameters.


Probiotics; Hematological parameters; Serum enzymes; Malnutrition.

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