Published: July 1, 2009

Endogenous and exogenous porphyrins as photosensitizers in the hep-2 human carcinoma cell line

July 1, 2009
M G Alvarez, M Milanesio, V Rivarola, E Durantini, A Batlle, H Fukuda

ROS production by endogenously generated protoporphyrin ix in murine leukemia cells

July 1, 2009
B Diez, R Cordo Russo, M J Teijo, S Hajos, A Batlle, H Fukuda

Functional analysis of the 5- regulatory region of the 5-aminolevulinate synthase (alas1) gene in response to estrogen

July 1, 2009
N Du Plessis, M Kimberg, M G Zaahl, A Sadie, M Venter, L Van Der Merwe, A Louw, L Warnich

HFE gene mutations in patients with altered iron metabolism in argentina

July 1, 2009
M V Rossetti, M Méndez, S Afonso, E. Gerez, A Batlle, A Muñoz, V E Parera

Structural and kinetic characterization of mutant human uroporphyrinogen decarboxylases

July 1, 2009
C A Warby, J D Phillips, H A Bergonia, F G Whitby, C P Hill, J P Kushner

Longitudinal study of a mouse model of familial porphyria cutanea tarda

July 1, 2009
D D Arch, Michel Bergeron, L Hathaway, J P Kushner, J D Phillips, M R Franklin

Identification and characterization of HMBS gene mutations in spanish patients with acute intermittent porphyria

July 1, 2009
M Méndez, M J Morán-Jiménez, S Gomez-Abecia, M Garcia-Bravo, M C Garrido-Astray, A Fontanellas, P Poblete-Gutiérrez, J Frank, R Enriquez De Salamanca

Evidence for an ancestral founder of the common R116W mutation in the hydroxymethylbilane synthase gene in acute intermittent porphyria in the netherlands

July 1, 2009
F W M de Rooij, F G Kavelaars, H Koole-Lesuis, J H P Wilson

Role of multidrug-resistance protein 2 in coproporphyrin transport: Results from experimental studies in bile fistula rat models

July 1, 2009
V Moriondo, S Marchini, P Di Gangi, M C Ferrari, F Nascimbeni, E Rocchi, P Ventura

Clinical, biochemical and geneticcharacteristics of variegate porphyria in Italy

July 1, 2009
E Di Pierro, P Ventura, V Brancaleoni, V Moriondo, S Marchini, D Tavazzi, F Nascimbeni, M C Ferrari, E Rocchi, M D Cappellini

The expression of protoporphyrinogen oxidase IN HUMAN TISSUES

July 1, 2009
A V Corrigall, J A H Campbell, K Siziba, R E Kirsch, P N Meissner

Identification of a recurrent mutation in the protoporphyrinogen oxidase gene in swiss patients with variegate porphyria: Clinical and genetic implications

July 1, 2009
A M Van TuylL Van Serooskerke, X Schneider-Yin, R J Schimmel, R S Bladergroen, J Barman, P Poblete-Gutiérrez, M Van Geel, J Frank, E I Minder

Variations in the length of poly-c and poly-t tracts in intron 3 of the human ferrochelatase gene

July 1, 2009
J Barman, X Schneider-Yin, R Mamet , N Schoenfeld, E I Minder

Hepatic damage and oxidative stress induced by griseofulvin in mice

July 1, 2009
M Del C Martinez, S G Afonso, R P Meiss, A M Buzaleh, A Batlle

Safe and probably safe drugs in acute hepatic porphyria

July 1, 2009
U Stölzel, C Brosche, C Koszka, T Stauch, A Teubner, M O Doss

Sevoflurane: Its action on heme metabolism and phase i drug metabolizing system

July 1, 2009
R Sampayo, J V Lavandera, A Batlle, A M Buzaleh

The molecular genetics of erythropoietic protoporphyria

July 1, 2009
G H Elder, L Gouya, S D Whatley, H Puy, M N Badminton, J C Deybach

Association between porphyria cutanea tarda and beta-thalassemia major

July 1, 2009
L Barbieri, A Macrí¬, G Lupia Palmieri, C Aurizi, G Biolcati

Exclusion of ferrochelatase gene mutations in patients with seasonal palmoplantar keratoderma

July 1, 2009
R J Schimmel, A M Van TuylL Van Serooskerke, R S Bladergroen, A M Van Steensel, M Van Geel, S G M A Pasmans, J Frank


July 1, 2009
A Batlle, M V Rossetti