Reviewers are asked to work under Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement.

Reviewers are advised to consider the following important aspects of a manuscript when conducting the review:

Manuscript language: Is the manuscript written in a clear, direct and easy-to-follow English, without grammatical errors?

Manuscript originality:Is the manuscript devoid of any plagiarism? Data sufficient, novel, original and haven't been published earlier?

Experiments and data analyses: Methods are appropriate, adequately described and validated? Are the results reported and analyzed in an understandable way?

Results interpretation: Are interpretation of results complete, logic, based on the data, no overstate or overgeneralize?

Comments to Editor: Provide confidential comments to the editor. Indicate on your evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript and state your judgement of findings and ethical issues.

Comments to author: Submit general comments first, followed by specific comments for the review. Never reveal your recommendation decision to the author. your comments to authors should include criticism of clarity and justification of hypothesis, precision and reproducibility of experimentations, methods and statistical analysis, quality of data presentation and quality of discussion.