Vol 63, No 4

Cell biology, biophysics, and mechanobiology: From the basics to Clinics

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Y. Zeng
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Original Research Articles

H. Bao, Q-P. Yao, K. Huang, X-H. Chen, Y. Han, Z-L. Jiang, L-Z. Gao, Y-X. Qi
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P. Ma, X. Shen, P. Tan, L. Yang, W. Liu
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L. Zhang, M. Zeng, B. M. Fu
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Q. Bao, L. Chen, J. Li, M. Zhao, S. Wu, W. Wu, X. Liu
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W. Wu, J. Li, M. Zhao, X. Liu
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J. Li, W. Wu, M. Zhao, X. Liu
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G. Wu, L. Li, H-M. Li, Y. Zeng, W-C. Wu
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M. Li, X. Wang, Z. Bian, W. Yao, Q. He, F. Tian, J. Zhang, L. Zhu
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S. Q. Wang, S. W. Zhang, C. Z. Zhang, Z. Y. Zhao, Y. J. Wang
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Y. Xiao, X.  Dai, K. Li, G. Gui, J. Liu, H. Yang
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W. Zhang, X. Wan, Z. Liu, L. Xiao, H. Huang, X. Liu
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