Development of dual priming oligonucleotide-polymerase chain reaction (DPO-PCR) for detection of wheat component in foods

Yan Su, Rong Li


This research is aimed to establish a DPO-PCR method for rapid detection of wheat component in foods. A pair of highly specific DPO primers was designed using the wheat housekeeping gene GAG56D as the target gene. By optimizing the PCR reaction system, the DPO-PCR detection method for wheat component in food was established, and the specificity and sensitivity of the method were determined. The established DPO-PCR method was highly specific, and there was no cross-reactivity to 22 control samples. The sensitivity was high, and the minimum detection limit was 1 ng/uL. Tests on commercially available product samples showed that the method can effectively detect wheat component of foods. The DPO-PCR method established in this study is simple and accurate, and provides an effective detection method for wheat component in foods.


Dual priming oligonucleotide polymerase chain reaction; Wheat component; Foods.

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