Epidermolytic acanthoma in a young woman: a case letter

Peng Zhao, Xiaowei Qin, Junxia Qin, Lifang Chen


Epidermolytic acanthoma (EA) is a rare benign tumor that is characterized by epidermolytic hyperkeratosis on histopathology. It usually presents in adulthood as an asymptomatic tumor <1 cm in diameter with a verrucous surface. We report a very uncommon case of epidermolytic acanthoma. A 21-year-old woman came to our hospital with a pale black papule on the left lower eyelid near the Inner canthus for 2 months. Two months ago the patient noted a pale brown spot on the inside of the left lower eyelid, which gradually enlarged, forming a papule with a deepened color. There were no associated symptoms, such as itching or pain. There were no local injuries, scratches, or other incidents before the crash occurred. The patient was always healthy, with no history of chronic disease or other skin diseases, and no similar cases existed in the family. We diagnosed it as EA.


Epidermolytic acanthoma; Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis; Tumor.

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