ABC, a patented innovation in the infusion of teas and herbal plants: enrichment of Camellia sinensis leaves with dry extracts from herbal plants

Jean Michel Maixent, Jean Marc Zeil


Tea and herbal infusions have been known for millennia for their health benefits. However for plants and active ingredients (of mineral and animal origin), it is necessary to consume very large quantities to achieve what is called the health claim dose, i.e., the dose for which the effect on health claim is established. Camellia sinensis leaves is traditionally used as plant infusion. This article aims to review the innovation afforded by the ABC (Bio Concentrate Assets®) patent. The ABC patent has developed an exclusive method of enriching organic tea leaves with organic herbal dry plant extracts using organic acacia gum. This method allows the coupling of concentrated dry extracts from medicinal plants on the Camellia sinensis leave extracts using acacia gum (arabic gum) and to reach to low enough health claim doses thanks to a higher concentration of active ingredients (tested until 10 ingredients). An example of ABC application is provided in a brief overview of manufacturing process for the “Gingo® tea” preparation. The main advantages of the ABC patent application are discussed. In conclusion, the ABC process offers a real breakthrough in the market of teas and herbal teas for health and wellness.


Medicinal plants patent; Camellia sinensis; Herbal tea; Nutrition; Health care.

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