Evaluation of hepatoprotective effects of crude methanolic extract of Datura metel L. in mice

Waqas Alam, Haroon Khan, Sajjad Ali Khan, Niaz Ali, Naveed Sharif, Rukhsana Ghafar, Sana Nazir, Maria Daglia


Datura metel has been recommended in several human disorders including a remedy for liver toxicity. The current study was designed to evaluate the hepatoprotective effect of methanolic extract of D. metel in animal model. Acute toxicity of methanolic crude extract of Datura metel (MEDM) was studied in animals in various doses 500-2000 mg/kg. Mice of either sex were divided into groups (n=6). One group received normal saline intraperitonially as negative control, while other gentamicin 100mg/kg for 8 days as positive control. 3rd group received 50mg/kg silymarin as standard, 4th group received 100mg/kg of MEDM, 5th group received 200mg/kg MEDM while 6th group received 300mg/kg MEDM and gentamicin 100mg/kg for 8 days. The blood samples were collected on 9th day and the animals were then dissected and the liver of all the animals were isolated. MEDM was found safe in acute toxicity test at various doses up to 2000 mg/kg. The levels of serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase and alkaline phosphatase were elevated significantly with gentamicin treatment which significantly down-regulated by MEDM (100, 200 and 300 mg/kg) in a dose dependent manner.. The histological examination showed that the MEDM has markedly treated the inflammatory infiltrate, fatty changes and congested blood vessels which were induced by gentamicin.  The findings of our study thus proved the absolute of MEDM in acute toxicity test; followed by significant hepatoprotective effect in gentamicin induced hepatotoxic mice.


Datura metel extract; Phytochemical screening; In vivo hepatoprotective screening; Biomarkers, Histopathology.

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