Preservation effect of meat product by natural antioxidant tea polyphenol

W-D. Wang, Y-E. Sun


1% of tea polyphenol, chitosan solution and potassium sorbate were used as film-forming materials to coat chilled mutton. Total coliforms, TVB-N value and pH value were determined and used as the mutton fresh-keeping indexes. The results showed that after 12th day at the end of the storage, mutton coated with tea polyphenol had best effects comparing chitosan solution and potassium sorbate. pH value of mutton coated by tea polyphenol was 6.0, TVB-N and the total coliforms were both significantly lower than the meat coated by chitosan solution and potassium sorbate. Also, mutton coated by tea polyphenol accorded with the requirements of national standards about fresh meat quality. In summary, the tea polyphenol film was the most suitable film on chilled mutton coating preservation among the three chemicals used in this research.


Tea polyphenol, chitosan solution, potassium sorbate, coliform, coating preservation.

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